Solar Eclipse 2017 Got You Worried?

It's less than two weeks until the sun disappears over the Tetons and amid all of the excitement there is also some fear of the unknown.  I'm not talking about fear that the sun won't reappear, but worry about just how many people are going to flood the area and what impact that may have on visitors and locals alike.  A great resource prepared by the Town of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming to help you plan and prepare for the Solar Eclipse 2017 can be found here.  

With an expected surge in visitors coming to view the eclipse, you better believe there is also going to be a surge in law enforcement out on local roadways day and night.  Expect all of the local law enforcement agencies to be running extra patrols, putting more bodies on the streets and as a result, writing more tickets and making more arrests.  

The typical umbraphile (eclipse lover) doesn't have a real reputation for wild partying, but anytime you inject more people into a community, things happen.  If you or someone you know becomes one of the lucky winners of a fast driving award (speeding ticket), comes up short in the roadside Olympics and get cited for DUI, or gets caught carrying some green, leafy, eclipse-enhancer, call or text Spitzer Law at 307-200-4822.  We'll do a free consultation over the phone or in person.  

We can also expect the eclipse to bring with it lots of new or unique contracts and agreements for things like house rentals, supplies, parking and any number of goods and services.  We would always prefer to help you before the fact, getting appropriate contracts in place and making sure your agreements are clear and enforceable so that you're not stuck in the dark when the sun pops back out on August 21st.  Contact us as soon as possible to review any contracts or agreements that you have or want to get in place before the eclipse.  

This is also the time to plan around your home and neighborhood.  Is there a potential parking problem in your subdivision?  Might your property be attractive to unwitting trespassers?  What do you need to do, if anything, to put other people on notice?  Who can you call to address quality of life violations if we actually see the crowds that some are expecting?  At Spitzer Law, we can help you come up with a plan, recognize its strengths and weaknesses, and give you the information that you need to both protect your rights but also remain cool, calm and let you enjoy the show.  

If you have any legal questions about how to prepare for or deal with the fallout of the upcoming eclipse, contact us at Spitzer Law and we'll make sure you're covered.